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October 28, 2004

Dr. Ralph Stanley for John Kerry: Rally in Lynchburg

Dr. Ralph Stanley - Kerry Rally in Lynchburg, Va - Medium Quality Images (faster)

Dr. Ralph Stanley, the Bluegrass and Country Music legend, came to Lynchburg today to hold an afternoon Rally for John Kerry and John Edwards.

The event was held at the Community Market in downtown Lynchburg. I've included some photos and will put up the higher resolution images later in the night after I attend the Kerry Meetup (for which I'm already running late). :)

- Aaron

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October 25, 2004

Observing Voting Machine Prep: Amherst County

Select photos by your connection speed:

Preparation of Voting Machines, Amherst, Va - Oct 22, 2004 - High Quality (slower)

Preparation of Voting Machines, Amherst, Va - Oct 22, 2004 - Medium Quality (faster)

I was asked to observe the preparation of the Amherst County voting machines on behalf of the DNC/KE voter protection program last Friday. The registrar for Amherst, Gary Beasley, had already extended an invitation to the local parties to observe the process (my Republican counterpart did not attend for whatever reason), so being asked to attend in a more official capacity by the DNC worked out quite well. I filled out a detailed form that is, more or less, a checklist that profiles the procedures and practices involved in the voting machine preparation process. It also helps document a general sense of the county's efforts to prevent problems and gauges their readiness to deal with problems if they should arise on election day.

I'll cut right to the chase here and say that everything looked excellent, both in relation to the equipment and the highly competent electoral officials I dealt with that afternoon. I feel very confident (and I speak here as nothing more than a voting citizen and tech geek) that the voting process in Amherst County will be smooth.

For a little background on the systems, read my brief write-up and photo gallery of a demo of our new voting machines given by Mr. Beasley at a previous local Democratic Committee meeting. The new touchscreen systems built by Unilect are profiled in that blog post. [NOTE: My previous entry shows the touchscreen panel used by voters to cast their votes. Today's story and photos show only the equipment "behind the scenes" that record the votes. Don't mistake the unfriendly looking machine in these pictures with the device you will vote with on election day.] I will focus on the preparation of the machines in the remainder of this entry (click below).

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October 20, 2004

Lynchburg: More blue than you ever thought possible

Select photos by your connection speed:

Democratic Fundraiser at the Valentine Residence, Lynchburg - Oct 20, 2004 (slower)

Democratic Fundraiser at the Valentine Residence, Lynchburg - Oct 20, 2004 (faster)

Lynchburg was host to another tremendous Democratic event tonight. At the home of the Valentine family on Langhorne Road, around three hundred enthusiastic Democrats gathered to eat, drink, mingle and listen to the words of Attorney General candidate Creigh Deeds and the guest of honor, former Lt. Governor Don Beyer. The message was one of unity and enthusiasm that confirms that the Democratic Party is on the march in Virginia in 2004 and may well change Virginia's role in the electoral equation of Presidential politics.

Lynchburg, considered a conservative stronghold with the likes of Jerry Falwell counted among our local "celebrities", has benefited from the explosion of Democratic unity and growth that stems from the disastrous performance of George W. Bush as President. The city is awash in Kerry/Edwards yard signs, hundreds attended the late summer opening of a Democratic HQ, bumper stickers are everywhere and voter registration has set local records. The local HQ has had hundreds of volunteers involved in GOTV activities throughout the summer.

Their appreciation for George Bush being an unintentional "uniter" is dwarfed, however, by their enthusiasm for John Kerry and John Edwards. Virginia is within the polling margin of error to go blue this year and stands a very good chance of electing its first Democratic president since Lyndon B. Johnson some forty years ago.

Thanks to the entire group that put together tonight's fantastic event, especially the Valentine family for opening their beautiful home and Shannon in particular for being the catalyst behind a highly successful voter registration effort these last few months. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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September 20, 2004

Waynesboro: An Evening to Meet the Candidates

Select photos by your connection speed:

Waynesboro: An Evening to Meet the Candidates - Sept 18, 2004 (slower)

Waynesboro: An Evening to Meet the Candidates - Sept 18, 2004 (faster)

I attended a very enjoyable dinner event at the Purple Foot in Waynesboro last Saturday night where I had a chance to see old friends, meet new ones and hear some great words from Lowell Fulk, Pat Ladlee, Va Victory'04 Field Coordinator Dorothy Blackwell, Lt. Governor Candidate Leslie Byrne, Attorney General Candidate Creigh Deeds, and the always powerful Rick O'Dell, Virginia's head of Veterans for Kerry.

Many thanks to my dear friend and Chair of the Waynesboro Democratic Committee, Marlana Lewis, for the invitation and for coordinating a fantastic and very well attended event. Judging from the enthusiastic crowd and the Kerry/Edwards and Al Weed yard signs on my drive from Sweet Briar, the valley is doing its part in turning Virginia blue in 2004!

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Amherst County Touchscreen Voting Demonstration

Select photos by your connection speed:

Amherst Democratic Committee Meeting - E-Voting Demonstration (slower)

Amherst Democratic Committee Meeting - E-Voting Demonstration (faster)

At our meeting in Amherst last Tuesday, County Registrar Gary Beasley, came to demonstrate Amherst County's new touchscreen, electronic voting system.

The system is the Patriot made by a company called Unilect. Personally speaking, not being a Diebold system pleased me a great deal. The geek in me finds electronic voting to be a marvelous concept (having written a web-based system for Sweet Briar which is used by our Student Government to conduct their elections).

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August 28, 2004

Lynchburg Regional HQ Grand Opening Photos

Select photos by your connection speed:

Lynchburg Regional HQ Grand Opening - Aug 27, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Lynchburg Regional HQ Grand Opening - Aug 27, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

I usually pride myself on having a quick turnaround time on photos I take reaching the blog. Everything I do is digital from shot to blog which eliminates the delays inherent in film. More than a quick turnaround, though, is my desire for the photos to look their best and that sometimes does takes a little extra time.

Just about all photos, no matter how much you initially like them, can use a little adjustment whether it's cropping, color balancing, tweaks to gamma levels and contrast, or removal of some kind of distracting and unimportant thingamabob.

Yesterday was a little bit of a challenge since we started in the early evening with nice warm light but went well into nightfall. With photograhy, a lack of natural light outdoors leads to a rapid cooling of your images from that gorgeous golden evening warmth to an artic blue appearance that is more like "Night of the Living Dead Democrats".

What I witnessed last night was not cold, arctic blue (which I associate more with the increasingly heartless and icy GOP), but rather flush with color, invitingly warm and, at times, white hot. The only thing we're going to be seeing blue this year is Virginia in November 2004... and trust me, it ain't a cold blue... ;)

So here are 82 photos from last night's Lynchburg Regional Democratic Headquarters Grand Opening. Enjoy them, share your comments and pass on the word that there's a (re)NEW(ed) and determined party in town that has a positive vision, an open door and a very warm, inviting glow.

Night, folks...
- Aaron

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August 26, 2004

A Message from Rural Amherst

This is a photo a co-worker of mine sent me this morning of his neighbor's barn in rural Amherst, Va.

I think it pretty well speaks for itself. Thanks for sharing, Joe! ;)

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August 24, 2004

DNC Bus: Lynchburg Event

Select photos by your connection speed:

DNC Bus Tour: Lynchburg - Aug 24, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

DNC Bus Tour: Lynchburg - Aug 24, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

Sadly, I said farewell to my friends on the bus this morning (including Rob Daniel who joined them from here in Lynchburg - look for his journal entries in the coming days).

The event in Lynchburg this morning was fantasic. As before, I'm going to leave the details to those who are on the bus to tell in their own words... but I do have a batch of photos to share. Enjoy!

- Aaron

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August 23, 2004

ACDB Tour: Richmond to Lynchburg

Select photos by your connection speed:

DNC Bus Tour: Richmond to Lynchburg - Aug 23, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

DNC Bus Tour: Richmond to Lynchburg - Aug 23, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

Well, I'm home again after a very enjoyable day on the DNC's America Can Do Better bus tour. It just so happened that their destination for the night (and tomorrow's event) is Lynchburg, fifteen minutes south of my home in Sweet Briar. I wish I was rolling on with this great group of new and old friends and fellow Democrats all the way to NYC, but I'm glad I at least had this chance to hitch a ride across the beautiful Commonwealth today. On the homefront, though, I've got a few roles to play in the grand opening celebration of our local regional Democratic headquarters this week... lots to do.

Tomorrow morning I'll dash into town to photograph the Lynchburg event and wish the group farewell as they roll through four more states. This isn't goodbye, though, since we're keeping close ties to the group as they submit posts right here to Documenting Democracy and on the DNC's blog for the rest of the trip. Rob Daniel, a friend from right here in Lynchburg, climbs aboard tomorrow and will be sending us his photos from the road as well.

I've attached the photos that pick up where I left off from my previous entry earlier today. Lt. Governor Tim Kaine met us in Richmond to greet the bus and give some opening remarks and introductions for the afternoon event. My role here is mostly that of visual storyteller, though, so have a look at the photos and check back here in a bit for thoughts and words from the folks at the heart of this journey...

- Aaron

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Greetings from I-64

Select photos by your connection speed:

Photos from the Road - Newport News - Aug 23, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Photos from the Road - Newport News - Aug 23, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

It's close to 2 PM and I'm sitting at a table on the DNC America Can Do Better bus tour rolling down I-64 from Newport News to Richmond. I left Lynchburg last night a little after midnight, caught a few hours of sleep in Richmond and hit Newport News around 9:15 AM this morning with Laura Bland (DPVA Communications Director). My invitation from the DNC to join this group for the Virginia leg of the trip came up Friday, so everything schedule-wise has been by the seat of my pants.

I'm shooting photos and blogging for the day as the bus starts its journey through five battleground states. The primary passengers on this bus are everyday people with a story to tell about the damage the Bush administration has done to their lives these last three years. Among them are a number of Virginians, several of which are going to be writing their thoughts for us on Documenting Democracy this week.

I have to say, I've been having a lot of fun this morning and am thoroughly enjoying getting to know everyone here, from Tony Welch, Press Secretary of the DNC, to retired Brigadier General Evelny "Pat" Foote to Bettey Durham Bailey of Virginia Beach, a retired former 30-year federal employee. Betty is sitting across the table from me as I write this, telling me various anecdotes and throwing in some select comments as various talking heads (including George Bush) appear on CNN just over my left shoulder.

I've taken around 400 photos already this morning and have been sorting out a selection both for our blog, for the DNC and for general use by the press and other media. The bus itself is quite amazing, complete with a kitchen and T1-speed access via satellite (those who know me well understand how giddy that makes me).

We're about to roll into Richmond for an event and will then continue on to my stomping grounds (Lynchburg) for an overnight stay and an event tomorrow morning before they head on to West Virginia. Unfortunately, I'll be parting ways with them tonight... but we're going to stay in close touch through the blog(s) as the week goes on.

I'm off to get this entry and my photos up to the server, but I'll check in again later as time permits. :)

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August 21, 2004

John Edwards - Town Hall Meeting in Roanoke

John Edwards in Roanoke - Aug 21, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

John Edwards in Roanoke - Aug 21, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

I'm sorry to be a few hours late getting these online, but it's been a long and busy day. It's also been a tremendously exciting one in many ways!

Senator John Edwards came to Roanoke today for a Town Hall Meeting and was met by a packed and ecstatic hall. After a rousing introduction from Governor Mark Warner, Edwards took to the stage for an intensive hour of comments and Q&A with the audience.

I attended today as the photographer for the Democratic Party of Virginia and took photos both in the event and backstage as Senator Edwards made his way to the press room for interviews. A small set of today's pictures are now online with more to come after I've had some time to sort, edit and properly caption them.

On a personal note, I was proud and honored that Senator Edwards took the time to autograph two of my favorite photos that I took of him at the DNC in Boston last month (here and here). They will be matted, framed and proudly displayed with my most treasured keepsakes.

Today's event was a fantastic experience and the tremendous enthusiasm I witnessed just drives home the fact that Virginia is, indeed, turning blue in 2004.

Note: Additional photos of today's event will be online soon including contributions from a number of other photographers willing to share their best shots.

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August 18, 2004

Lynchburg Democratic Committee Visit

Select photos by your connection speed:

Lynchburg Democratic Committee Meeting - Aug 18, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Lynchburg Democratic Committee Meeting - Aug 18, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

I was invited to attend the Lynchburg Democratic Committee meeting tonight and give a presentation on Documenting Democracy and the trip to Boston. I'm formally a member of the Amherst Committee (just up the road), but we all collaborate very heavily on a number of things including our regional Democratic Headquarters (Lynchburg, Amherst and Campbell County share the expenses and labor).

This committee, in the heart of conservative Virginia and smack dab in Falwell country is rocking. Last month's Kerry Meet-Up had over 80 people in attendance. Tonight's regular monthly committee meeting had 72 people in attendance and a long line of speakers addressing all kinds of activities from the HQ grand opening to voter registration, rapid-response activities, and fundraising. Dorothy Blackwell, 6th District Field Coordinator for the Virginia Victory '04 Coordinated Campaign, also spoke tonight about upcoming events and committee involvement. When your routine committee meetings for local party business are growing at a rate to nearly match your meet-ups, people are motivated.

This is just another example of the committment and energy that is mushrooming throughout the state and another bit of evidence that Virginia is going blue in 2004.

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July 31, 2004

Four Nights: Links to All 738 Convention Night Photos

I've been posting the links to my DNC photos each night. Now that at least one resolution set of each gallery is online, I felt it was time to make a single entry where you can find it all in one place (the early days will start rolling off the main page and into the archive this weekend).

Continue reading "Four Nights: Links to All 738 Convention Night Photos"

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The Big Night: Final DNC Photo Set

Select photos by your connection speed:

Thursday Night - Convention - July 29, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Thursday Night - Convention - July 29, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

I finally have the gallery of the big night's shots online as of a few minutes ago. I'm sorry it took a day, but I shot over 800 photos that night alone (my rough totals are over 3,000 photos this week). This particular set includes 246 shots spread over eight pages.

These images focus very heavily on Governor Warner and the members of the Delegation as they celebrate this momentous step in John Kerry's road to the White House. There is a bit of redunancy in here, but even the slight variations between some shots tell a story. I hope these provide the Delegates, their familes, friends and interested viewers with a clearer picture of this dynamic event.

My head is spinning with thoughts and ideas today about this last week and I'm eager to take time to write a number of entries for this site. There are a ton of stories about everything from the politics to the photography to the technology and Boston itself that are percolating in my head and, for the moment, mostly coming out in conversations with friends by phone or in person. My time (and energy), though, have been pretty minimal and tomorrow begins the trek home. While I hope to not have seven hours of dead time to write in the airport like the lousy trip up here, I hope I might get some time on the plane (if you can fit a 17" Powerbook on the tray table). :) Whatever the case, I'm sure it will begin spilling out in the coming days along with captions and some improvements to the overall website.

Lots to come! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos...

- Aaron

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July 30, 2004

The Final Night: Preview

Well, folks... we've just heard the fantastic acceptance speech of our next President. What an amazing night!

As far as pictures go tonight, I only spent a little bit of time in the photo pen with the press photographers and that was to cover Governor Warner's walk to the podium and the first half of his speech. I used the second half to race back to the Delegation so I could get photos of them expressing their support for our superb Governor. I couldn't have pulled that off tonight without the help of a generous press photographer who overheard my query to the media floor controller and volunteered to swap me into her space in the jammed photographer's pen. I also had a cooperative Secret Service agent who worked with me to arrange the shoot-n-dash routine from the front of the floor to nearly the back where our Delegation was seated.

The press pens were jammed and the sheer volume of people tonight had the Secret Service and the floor control all over us to not block aisles, etc. The flexibility I had in previous nights to get into the press pens up front was going to be impossible tonight since it would have precluded me being able to get back and forth to the Delegation so I could visually document their experience. I'd never have gotten anything a few hundred press photographers wouldn't get, so my exclusive focus tonight was our story, from Governor Warner through the acceptance speech by John Kerry.

It's 3:35 AM, I'm elated but exhausted and plan to sleep in tomorrow before unwinding with a post-DNC day around Boston with my wife (we leave Saturday). I'll get the full gallery online sometime during the day and maybe even some more thoughts and fresh memories of the convention that I have so tremendously enjoyed these last four days.

I do want to take one moment here, though, to say thanks to the DPVA and the Virginia Delegation for inviting me to be their photographer and making it possible for me to experience this mind-blowing event. I hope the photos and the blog have served everyone well this last week and I look forward to the post-DNC posts from our Delegates (once they have time to get home and write). We're only just starting with Documenting Democracy, though. I can't think of a better way to get the ball rolling than focusing on our trip to Boston and witnessing the event that shares with the rest of world what we already knew before coming here: John Kerry and John Edwards are the men for the job and they are headed for the White House!

Good Night and Enjoy! - Aaron

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July 29, 2004

Wednesday Night Convention Photos

Select photos by your connection speed:

Wednesday Night - Convention - July 28, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Wednesday Night - Convention - July 28, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

Huge hurry here... it's the big night and the credentials game is in high gear. These are the minimally edited shots from last night. Wish me luck with tonight! :)

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Wednesday Night Convention: Preview

It's 3:20 AM and time for some much needed sleep... but I wanted to leave you with some choice shots from this tremendously exciting evening! The full gallery will be up tomorrow along with commentary and thoughts from members of the VA Delegation. Good night, all!

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July 28, 2004

Tuesday Night Convention Photos

Select photos by your connection speed:

Tuesday Night - Convention - July 27, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Tuesday Night - Convention - July 27, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

These took me a bit longer to get online than I would have liked, so I apologize for the delay. By the end of Tuesday night I was near the point of collapse from the schedule and, aside from a 7:10 AM live radio interview, had no choice but to get some additional sleep at the cost of missing our breakfast event. I'm going to write another entry - maybe later tonight - from a more personal perspective since there are so many stories to tell. Right now, though, I'm staying in the convention groove and am about to head out to try to focus on the delegation's official actions of the evening.

More to come...

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Second Night on the Floor: Preview

Here is a preview of some of tonight's photos... look for the full gallery tomorrow after I finish sorting and editing...

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July 27, 2004

Monday Night Convention Photos

Select photos by your connection speed:

Monday Night - Convention - July 26, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Monday Night - Convention - July 26, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

I cannot begin to describe (in my current exhausted state - this is day three with three or less hours of sleep) the incredible experience I am having here. Getting a chance to develop friendships with DPV staff and delegation members in this environment is incredible.

I apologize for the time it took to get these online, but nothing here slows down and I had to sort 710 photographs that I took last night. I've selected 151 images that I think best tell the story (and of which I am most proud). Due to time contraints, they are not yet captioned and have very minimal editing. Look for captions and improvements in quality to come in the near future...

I hope everyone enjoys these as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I'm going to go take a nap. :)

P.S. Bill Clinton. Wow. I have missed him so...

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First Night on the Floor: A Preview

There is so much to tell and so much to show... but here is a preview of some of the shots from tonight and I'll put together my full gallery and write-ups in the morning:

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July 26, 2004

It's All About the Credentials...

Select photos by your connection speed:

Monday Morning- Credentials - July 26, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Monday Morning - Credentials - July 26, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

Credentials. Delegate Credentials. Guest Credentials. VIP Credentials. Press Credentials.

It's the Democratic National Convention and, trust me, it is ALL about the credentials.

Credentials are more than a large, colorful card with mysterious squiggly lines, holograms and an iradescent sheen. They are the golden pass that gets you within sight of the Fleet Center. If getting near the place is sea level, then getting on the convention floor itself is Mount Everest by comparison. Obviously the delegates are there, but they did the hard work (often years of involvement in the party and a campaign all its own at the state level) to climb that mountain and arrive here in Boston.

Continue reading "It's All About the Credentials..."

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"The plastic sleeves are in the bag..."

Select photos by your connection speed:

Monday Breakfast - July 26, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Monday Breakfast - July 26, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

There's nothing like taking photos in a chaotic environment when you're running on three hours of sleep. It's also hard to really feel tired when things are this exciting.

The Virginia Delegation had their first convention breakfast this morning and it was most likely the first time we've had everyone together at one time since their arrival. Amid the clatter of teacups and plates was a live greeting by Al Gore by video feed. The morning feed is timed to be viewed by all of the delegations throughout the city to set the theme and mood for the day's events.

Our celebrity speaker this morning was Fred Willard from the Tonight Show along with their camera crew. His greetings were as funny as they were politically incorrect and, from what I hear, you can see some or all of it with Jay Leno Wednesday night. Access Hollywood caught him in the foyer outside the conference room as well and I've added a few photos at the end of this morning's shots to share that.

The excitement in the delegation is intense and the word you hear the most is "credentials" followed shortly thereafter by "the plastic sleeve is in the bag", referring to the holder for the crendential card you hang around your neck with a colorful lanyard.

We're doing our best to keep the blog rolling as close to realtime as possible. It's hard to express how much is happening here. At any given moment you're likely to literally bump into a huge name from the Democratic Party, famous press personalities, a celebrity... you name it. The staff room is controlled chaos depending on the time of day and the time around breakfast is insane with the feeding frenzy associated with convention credentials.

I've taken two hours writing this little piece since the interruptions happen several times per sentence. I hope this is coherent... and give us a little leeway on the captions for the meantime. Laura and I have done several press interviews this morning about the blog (she's doing one for NBC print as I write this). Keep an eye out for more anecdotes and writeups from members of the staff, the delegation and other guests. We're awaiting several right now and will post them as soon as we can.

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Carefully Controlled Chaos

Select photos by your connection speed:

Sunday Afternoon - July 25, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Sunday Afternoon - July 25, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

Delegates settled into serious pre-convention party mode Sunday afternoon. Aaron, Elisabeth and I walked from the Hotel Commonwealth to the St. George gallery on Newberry Street for the welcome party hosted by Susan Turnbull and Mame Reiley for the Maryland and Virginia delegations.

I'm hoping that two of our national pages, Betthany Rowland and Ben Easter, will post an entry sometime Monday about their meeting with Bill Clinton--their reaction to meeting the former President made our day here in the staff room for the delegation.

Aaron and Elisabeth traveled by bus with many Virginia delegates to the official delegation party at the Hyde Park library. Several members went on to a Boston Pops concert, while others scored tickets to the Boston Red Sox game where John Kerry surprised everyone with a visit. A very, very busy day, with so many delegation members arriving and getting ready for the kickoff of convention week at our first delegation breakfast.

Tomorrow, the serious madness begins ...

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July 25, 2004

A Tale of Food, Fun and Ferris Wheels (indoors, nonetheless)

Select photos by your connection speed:

Saturday Night - July 24, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Saturday Night - July 24, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

The DPV staff had dinner tonight with the staff of the Nebraska Democratic Party before splitting up to head to various pre-convention activities. Laura Bland had an invitation to the coveted Momentum Media Party and took the two of us as her guests.

After a supersonic cab ride through Boston to the wrong convention center, we did a brain crushing U-turn and made our way to the newly opened Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The architecture is amazing and the sheer dimensions of this facility are pretty staggering. Quite a few thousand members of the media and other invitees were milling about enjoying some fantastic, creative food and live entertainment.

The layout of the event was impressive. The lights were low and canopies with an array of modern furniture and carpets were spread throughout so partygoers could relax, eat, and socialize. In the back of the massive main floor was a working ferris wheel, the first one I think I've ever seen in operation indoors. In the center were numerous islands where Boston area chefs were laying out an impressive and very creative spread. Dominating the front of the room was a large stage where we got to see Little Richard doing Blueberry Hill along with several other signature songs.

The party was fun, but we're all pretty beat and still have some T rides to make tonight before it's all said and done. The convention starts to really get underway tomorrow as the delegation arrives in full along with Governor Warner. We have meetings, parties, and other events tomorrow, so look for the number of voices here on the blog to increase as we head into Monday and the real fun begins.

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July 24, 2004

A Pre-Convention Nighttime Stroll In Boston

Select photos by your connection speed:

Friday Night - July 23, 2004 - High Quality Photos (slower)

Friday Night - July 23, 2004 - Medium Quality Photos (faster)

Elisabeth and I spent much of the beginning of our first full day in Boston relaxing and getting situated. The next few days are going to be non-stop activity and our flight up here was a joy to behold (sarcasm alert). She and I both have always loved Boston and have been itching to get back up here for a few years. Going to the DNC is incredible... having it in Boston is the icing on the cake for the two of us.

This evening we headed out to get our bearings for the coming days and, more importantly, to hit a few of our favorite spots. I took my camera along and captured a few scenes to share some of the mood and flavor of Boston in the pre-convention days.

Continue reading "A Pre-Convention Nighttime Stroll In Boston"

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July 17, 2004

VADC Chairs Meeting / Training - Staunton

I'm currently sitting with Laura in the VADC Chairs Meeting and Training event in Staunton. Thanks to the fact that the library here has public wireless net access, we've gone ahead and posted a story and this first gallery of photos (consider this a warm-up for Boston next week). :)

Captions will be coming soon... in the meantime, you can select from:

High Quality - High Speed (Cable/DSL/T1+)

Medium Quality - Low Speed (Modem)

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July 10, 2004

Al Weed - Tye River Breakfast

This is a set of photographs covering a fundraising breakfast for Al Weed at Tye River Elementary School. This was one of those thoroughly enjoyable events (among my very first) where you get to experience local, grassroots politics in its truest form.

Photos include speeches by Al Weed (obviously) as well as Creigh Deeds.

The galleries are available in two quality levels based on speed:

High Quality - High Speed (Cable/DSL/T1+)

Medium Quality - Low Speed (Modem)

This is a repost to Documenting Democracy (from my previous server) for archival purposes.

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Governor Warner - Lynchburg, Va - 6/21/2004

This is a collection of photos I took for Governor Warner's visit to Lynchburg on 6/21/2004.

The galleries are available in two quality levels based on speed:

High Quality - High Speed (Cable/DSL/T1+)

Medium Quality - Low Speed (Modem)

This is a repost to Documenting Democracy (from my previous server) for archival purposes.

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Virginia State Democratic Party Convention - 2004

These are my original photos from the state party convention at the Hotel Roanoke in June 2004. The convention was a fantastic experience, especially for a first time attendee such as myself.

The images include many state party luminaries, Max Cleland's tremendous rally and Tim Kaine's official announcement of his candidacy for governor in 2005.

The galleries are available in two quality levels based on speed:

High Quality - High Speed (Cable/DSL/T1+)

Medium Quality - Low Speed (Modem)

This is a repost to Documenting Democracy (from my previous server) for archival purposes.

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July 07, 2004

Harrisonburg Parade Photos from July 5

The second half of my day in Harrisonburg revolved around the Independence Day weekend parade through the center of town. I had come to the area for the BBQ in honor of Tim Kaine (see my entry from yesterday) and, upon hearing he would be the Grand Marshall, decided to check it out with my friend Wally.

Not only am I glad I went, but I know already that I'll make every effort to go there next year so I can take in all of the festivities at a more leisurely pace.

Photos are a poor substitute for something that appeals to all the senses as much as a small town parade and festival. I hope, however, that these will provide some enjoyment (and good memories) for those that attended as well as those that don't yet know what they missed. ;)

As usual, I've posted these shots (101 images on 3 pages) in two sets based on your network connection speed.

High speed/highest quality (cable, DSL, T1+)

Low speed/medium quality (modem)


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July 06, 2004

Tim Kaine BBQ & Harrisonburg Parade

The afternoon of July 5, 2004 provided me with a fun slice of Americana: Politics, BBQ and a parade. Despite the bright sun and sauna-like humidity, an enthusiastic crowd of Democracts (and possibly a few Republicans) gathered at the beautiful home of Giles and Donna Stone to honor Lt. Governor (and candidate for Governor in 2005) Tim Kaine.

After the picnic, Wally and I headed to the nearby Rockingham Heritage Bank Parade in the center of Harrisonburg to join in the Independence Day weekend festivities. Rounding out the eclectic parade was Tim riding on top of an antique firetruck in his role as Grand Marshall.

I'll let others do a more thorough writeup of this highly enjoyable afternoon (link coming soon). Despite the risk (and partial realization) of burning my pale, cave-dwelling self to a crisp, I shot about 575 photos in five hours. I've chosen a little over 80 shots (three pages) from the BBQ and Tim's firetruck ride to place here in the gallery for your enjoyment.

I'll make a separate collection of the parade shots and post it in the coming days (some fun stuff in there).

As usual, I've posted them in two sizes depending on the speed of your connection:

Tim Kaine BBQ - High Bandwidth / High Quality (Cable/DSL/T1+)

Tim Kaine BBQ - Lower Bandwidth / Medium Quality (Modem)

The captions are coming soon. I like to go ahead and get the photos online immediately for those that are interested...

- Aaron

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July 05, 2004

Shenandoah Democrat Picnic - Page County

Things are starting to come together with the technical underpinnings of the blog in the last 24 hours. To test out the galleries, I'm posting a new copy of photos from the Page County picnic at the beautiful home of Tammy and David Tobey in the Shenandoah valley.

In addition to good food and company, we had an opportunity to hear Lt. Governor candidates Leslie Byrne and Chap Petersen as well as Va State Democratic Party Chairman, Kerry Donley.

I've placed 89 images (3 pages) online in two formats:

For high speed connections and slower speed connections.

- Aaron

P.S. I've not yet captioned these... I'll post a note when they get updated.

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June 30, 2004

Working on Photo Templates

I'm working up the photo templates... having to make some decisions on how to link it all together.

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