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August 26, 2004

A Look Back On Boston: Charlotte Arbogast

The following entry was submitted by Charlotte Arbogast, who served as a press aide to the Democratic Party of Virginia during both the Virginia Democratic Convention and the national convention. She is a junior at Harrisonburg High School.

It all began early Sunday afternoon when I stepped off the plane only to find the most gorgeous city I had ever seen, Boston. It was so full of character. When we arrived at the Hotel Commonwealth (a fitting name for us Virginians), I was so relieved because it was such a nice hotel. After unloading all my stuff, I checked in with the lovely Laura Bland, who handles media and communications for the party. She informed me that my first task was to go to a party with her. At first I was a little dismayed that I was having to attend a party (I know already the hard labor is beginning), but this was what I signed up for.

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August 05, 2004

Delegate Memories of Boston '04

Lindsey Reynolds conveyed my e-mail request to the Va Delegates today for comments and memories of the DNC in Boston. For those that wish to post shorter notes and greetings to your fellow Delegates, this entry will provide an anchor point. All you need to do is add a comment at the bottom of this entry.

I've added a link to the left sidebar just below the photos so you have an easy way to participate and read the words of your fellow Delegates. The link will remain in place for the next few months. Anything submitted, of course, will be part of the permanent archive here at Documenting Democracy.

RanJana Chachra sent me the first comment a few minutes ago, so I have attached it below to get the ball rolling. Thanks, RanJana! :)

Click the "comments" link below to see the entries.

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August 04, 2004

After Boston convention, a friend's surprising conclusion

Submitted by John Flannery - please see his other superb entries from last week in our archives

On the way back to Virginia from the Democratic Convention in Boston, we stopped at Ground Zero in New York, read the thousands of names lost in that dark abyss of terror and looked into the faces of passing strangers, quietly grieving for Americans they never knew.

We were paying our respects to the heroes of 9/11, and reminding ourselves what was truly at stake in this presidential election.

One mother, looking at the steel cross fashioned from a melted girder that marks the site's destruction, struggled to find the words that might satisfy her 14-year-old son's curiosity about what happened here.

In this presidential election year, another question persists long after this horrendous attack on the continental United States. What are we to do after 9/11?

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August 03, 2004

A Geek, A Blog, and a Trip Home From Boston

I've actually been home since late Saturday night and have sat down to write my thoughts from the convention about five times a day ever since. Somehow, it just hasn't happened. My inability to put my thoughts into written form and get them onto the blog actually started last week during the first few days on the convention floor. At the time, it had more to do with my schedule and this odd problem with there being about fourteen fewer hours in a day than I really needed.

To take pictures, select them, edit them, build galleries, maintain the site structure, travel from point to point, etc., takes a lot more time than you ever anticipate. A lot of what did get done was possible by getting rid of the superfluous stuff like eating and sleeping. As Laura told me several times during the week (it became our mantra): "You'll sleep when you're dead." Yep, and I'll be dead a lot sooner at this pace. Funny how that works...

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Sharing The Rafters With A Guy From Ohio

The following entry was written by Ruth Anne Walker, the Democratic Party of Virginia's director of party services.

So, it's Thursday night - the last night. DPVA staff, thanks to E.D. Lindsey and Chair Kerry D., scored credentials to this big, final night of the convention. We tried to get in a little earlier to get on the rail of the balcony section, but we ended up in the EXACT same row as on Monday night - within range of the Virginia delegation on the floor to see Abbi (aka 'The W') boogey with the boa ladies from Tidewater. All of us are there - Adisa, Anne, Elisabeth - wife of Aaron the Blog Photog, Laura, Matt and Antwaun from Congressman Scott's staff.

It's only about 5:30. Man, we are going to be tired by 11, but that's ok--it's worth it! History in the making!! And our Governor is speaking soon........

Just as I'm thinking about ending up in the same row, and how perfectly my fanny will be fit to the plastic seat by the end of the night, look who's heading up the steps our way - one of our convention delegates, Hanh Deniston from Colonial Heights. She's trucked it all the way up about three escalators and through a ton of people to graciously offer us to use her floor pass for a while. (That's what I love about Hanh - always a team player!! One of the hardest working field people I've ever met.) Anne was staffing the delegation on the floor Tuesday, Laura and Matt weren't budging from their perch, and Adisa looked pretty content, too; so I took Hanh up on the offer. I'm goin' to the FLOOR!! Woooo! (See thumbs up picture of me somewhere on this blog.)

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