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March 16, 2005

Tim Kaine Kicks It Off (and DocDem stirs from its slumber)

Many DocDem readers (and quite a few local fellow Democrats) are probably assuming I was abducted by aliens or ran off and joined the circus. The relative hush on these pages has really been nothing more than a somewhat prolonged recharging of the batteries and a much needed return to life, work and family after running so ragged last year. While this blog is a cooperative endeavor, it is also a non-funded, grassroots and otherwise volunteer effort that will probably always tend to ebb and flow relative to larger events. Things are heating up, though, and it's time we got back underway...

My thanks to Rick Howell and Barnie Day for their continued contributions during these semi-silent last few months. We all look forward to more of your great insights and well-crafted words.

I started this blog around photographs last July, so it seems fitting to get things moving again with a new gallery of photos from a very important event for Virginians:

Select photos by your connection speed:

Roanoke: Tim Kaine's Campaign Kickoff - March 16, 2005 (slower)

Roanoke: Tim Kaine's Campaign Kickoff - March 16, 2005 (faster)

There is more writing to come and new faces to meet on DocDem. It might take a few more days or a week for the momentum to return to these pages as we get situated, but this is a collaborative process and I wish to put the call out again to Virginia democrats to send their contributions in the form of essays, news, photos and links.

One important note: the comment system WILL return. It was turned off in the winter after the blog spammers hit it very hard with advertisements for online poker and erectile dysfunction drugs. I have new updates to the software to put in place, part of which will tackle this problem and make our comment system usable again. I certainly never wanted anyone to feel silenced or remove the interactive nature of the site... but the insidious spammers won the first round.... (grumble)

More to come, and thanks for reading!
- Aaron

Posted by amahler at March 16, 2005 05:48 PM