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November 01, 2004

The Votemaster Unmasked

Many of us have been fans of electoral-vote.com throughout this campaign. The site compiles polling information and does constant projections of the winner. Your opinions of polling aside, the site has had a fascinating effect if for no other reason than the consistant, non-partisan honesty and wisdom expressed by the guy behind it.

Who is this guy? Well, nobody knew until today. He purposely kept his name and location out of the picture along with refusing to take donations or paid advertising of any sort. He paid for the entire site expenditure out of his own pocket and has created quite a following - about 650,000 hits a day - across the campaign spectrum.

His name is Andrew Tanenbaum and he's a God in the Computer Science world. He's written operating systems, software, numerous books and is a respected professor. He also is an American living in Amsterdam.

His story, and his political views are eloquently revealed here:


And, yes, he's extremely pro-Kerry and even went so far as pursuing being one of the DNC's Delegates Abroad to our convention this year.

His pro-Kerry stance has not, however, appeared to skew his project in any way since he is a true scientist and he lets the numbers speak. His predictions of a Kerry victory, though, don't hurt one bit. :) Granted, we're all a bit fed up with polls and nothing will happen without follow-through, so the only thing that matters right now is voting. And making sure your family members vote. And your friends. And your neighbors. And people you've never met. You get the idea...

A relevant excerpt from his FAQ:

Let me tell you a short story. When I was in elementary school, the school was plagued by a bully. He was the biggest, strongest kid around and would beat up anyone he didn't like. We were all exceedingly polite to his face, but hated his guts behind his back. One day he was chasing some poor kid and he tripped and skidded a considerable distance, scraping his face on the rough asphalt of the playground. He was bleeding and in pain, screaming for help. But nobody came to help him. We all just walked away. George Bush is the world's playground bully. The world sees him--and by inference, America--as arrogant, self-centered, and mean. I spoke to Americans from dozens of countries at the DA caucus. Everyone told the same story--the world hates America. When talking to foreigners, I can tell them about the Bill of Rights or freedom or World War II, or whatever I want, but all they see is this big, stupid, arrogant, playground bully and a stolen election in Florida last time. I think America deserves better. I want America to be respected in the world again, and John Kerry can restore the respect America deserves.

DocDem is alive and breathing, but we've all been pretty swamped of late and our hardcore readers are all knee-deep in GOTV activities. I spent just about every waking hour of this weekend on a 16-minute photo and music video montage to be used at three election parties tomorrow night. I'll be turning attention back to some late day posting as the evening rolls around. Tomorrow I'm working at various precincts (one in particular) in my Amherst voting district and am then on the road to Richmond for the festivities with DPVA staff and guests.

Things are looking sweet. Don't slow down, do everything you can tomorrow to get people to the polls, and let's keep turning Virginia blue in these last 24 hours. All of our work for months has come down to the single most crucial factor to make it worthwhile: VOTE.

Posted by amahler at November 1, 2004 01:49 PM