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October 20, 2004

Lynchburg: More blue than you ever thought possible

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Democratic Fundraiser at the Valentine Residence, Lynchburg - Oct 20, 2004 (slower)

Democratic Fundraiser at the Valentine Residence, Lynchburg - Oct 20, 2004 (faster)

Lynchburg was host to another tremendous Democratic event tonight. At the home of the Valentine family on Langhorne Road, around three hundred enthusiastic Democrats gathered to eat, drink, mingle and listen to the words of Attorney General candidate Creigh Deeds and the guest of honor, former Lt. Governor Don Beyer. The message was one of unity and enthusiasm that confirms that the Democratic Party is on the march in Virginia in 2004 and may well change Virginia's role in the electoral equation of Presidential politics.

Lynchburg, considered a conservative stronghold with the likes of Jerry Falwell counted among our local "celebrities", has benefited from the explosion of Democratic unity and growth that stems from the disastrous performance of George W. Bush as President. The city is awash in Kerry/Edwards yard signs, hundreds attended the late summer opening of a Democratic HQ, bumper stickers are everywhere and voter registration has set local records. The local HQ has had hundreds of volunteers involved in GOTV activities throughout the summer.

Their appreciation for George Bush being an unintentional "uniter" is dwarfed, however, by their enthusiasm for John Kerry and John Edwards. Virginia is within the polling margin of error to go blue this year and stands a very good chance of electing its first Democratic president since Lyndon B. Johnson some forty years ago.

Thanks to the entire group that put together tonight's fantastic event, especially the Valentine family for opening their beautiful home and Shannon in particular for being the catalyst behind a highly successful voter registration effort these last few months. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Posted by amahler at October 20, 2004 11:36 PM