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September 08, 2004

If The Shoe Fits

The headline in Thursday's edition of the Washington Post says it all: Kilgore Letter Concedes Vital Fight For Bush In Va.

Kilgore is the presumed Republican nominee for Governor in 2005, the former secretary of public safety under George Allen, the current attorney general and the chairman of the Bush-Cheney campaign in Virginia. For weeks, Kilgore has been publicly dismissing Virginia's shift to battleground status. In fact, that was a central part of his message to Virginia's GOP delegation to New York City. It has always been clear that Republicans hope Democrats and common-sense independents would buy the bravado and give up before the fight even started.

Not this year. Not in Virginia.

Imagine how surprising it is to now read Kilgore's screed to Virginia Republicans, a letter filled with invective but that nevertheless states what Democrats in Virginia have been saying all along: "Polls show John Kerry is within striking distance in Virginia."

All joking about flip flops aside, Kilgore's letter raises a serious question: Which Kilgore should Virginians believe? The one who made public statements denying Virginia's battleground position--or the one who made statements to his own party faithful that show just how worried the GOP has become about their chances in Virginia? Jerry Kilgore is the face of George Bush and Dick Cheney in Virginia. Is it any surprise that we now ask ourselves: What should we believe? That when it comes to Kilgore, what can we believe?

Posted by laura at September 8, 2004 11:31 PM