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July 30, 2004

The Final Night: Preview

Well, folks... we've just heard the fantastic acceptance speech of our next President. What an amazing night!

As far as pictures go tonight, I only spent a little bit of time in the photo pen with the press photographers and that was to cover Governor Warner's walk to the podium and the first half of his speech. I used the second half to race back to the Delegation so I could get photos of them expressing their support for our superb Governor. I couldn't have pulled that off tonight without the help of a generous press photographer who overheard my query to the media floor controller and volunteered to swap me into her space in the jammed photographer's pen. I also had a cooperative Secret Service agent who worked with me to arrange the shoot-n-dash routine from the front of the floor to nearly the back where our Delegation was seated.

The press pens were jammed and the sheer volume of people tonight had the Secret Service and the floor control all over us to not block aisles, etc. The flexibility I had in previous nights to get into the press pens up front was going to be impossible tonight since it would have precluded me being able to get back and forth to the Delegation so I could visually document their experience. I'd never have gotten anything a few hundred press photographers wouldn't get, so my exclusive focus tonight was our story, from Governor Warner through the acceptance speech by John Kerry.

It's 3:35 AM, I'm elated but exhausted and plan to sleep in tomorrow before unwinding with a post-DNC day around Boston with my wife (we leave Saturday). I'll get the full gallery online sometime during the day and maybe even some more thoughts and fresh memories of the convention that I have so tremendously enjoyed these last four days.

I do want to take one moment here, though, to say thanks to the DPVA and the Virginia Delegation for inviting me to be their photographer and making it possible for me to experience this mind-blowing event. I hope the photos and the blog have served everyone well this last week and I look forward to the post-DNC posts from our Delegates (once they have time to get home and write). We're only just starting with Documenting Democracy, though. I can't think of a better way to get the ball rolling than focusing on our trip to Boston and witnessing the event that shares with the rest of world what we already knew before coming here: John Kerry and John Edwards are the men for the job and they are headed for the White House!

Good Night and Enjoy! - Aaron

Posted by amahler at July 30, 2004 03:21 AM

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