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July 25, 2004

A Tale of Food, Fun and Ferris Wheels (indoors, nonetheless)

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The DPV staff had dinner tonight with the staff of the Nebraska Democratic Party before splitting up to head to various pre-convention activities. Laura Bland had an invitation to the coveted Momentum Media Party and took the two of us as her guests.

After a supersonic cab ride through Boston to the wrong convention center, we did a brain crushing U-turn and made our way to the newly opened Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The architecture is amazing and the sheer dimensions of this facility are pretty staggering. Quite a few thousand members of the media and other invitees were milling about enjoying some fantastic, creative food and live entertainment.

The layout of the event was impressive. The lights were low and canopies with an array of modern furniture and carpets were spread throughout so partygoers could relax, eat, and socialize. In the back of the massive main floor was a working ferris wheel, the first one I think I've ever seen in operation indoors. In the center were numerous islands where Boston area chefs were laying out an impressive and very creative spread. Dominating the front of the room was a large stage where we got to see Little Richard doing Blueberry Hill along with several other signature songs.

The party was fun, but we're all pretty beat and still have some T rides to make tonight before it's all said and done. The convention starts to really get underway tomorrow as the delegation arrives in full along with Governor Warner. We have meetings, parties, and other events tomorrow, so look for the number of voices here on the blog to increase as we head into Monday and the real fun begins.

Posted by amahler at July 25, 2004 12:35 AM

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